The Jumpsuit!

If you are thinking about jumpsuit … just one thing to remember when selecting the best one for you…it has to flatter your bottom!

The new classics by Dior

I think Dior has simply outdone itself with this breathtaking Fall collection.

Now, I just need to work on looking this good in it!


The pressure point!

In last week’s note, I indicated to splurge on buying premium tires to optimize contact with the road.

One of the most common problems, but easiest to fix, is having the correct tire pressure.

Surprisingly, few people even know where to find the guide to correct tire pressure on your car. The pressure is not determined by the manufacturer or the tire installer. It is determined by the manufacturer of your specific vehicle make.

It is usually found on the sticker on either your car door jam or the gas cap door.

Always use a good quality product like the “talking tire gauge” from The Restoration Hardware.

And, now you have the best contact with the road!

Next week, I will deal with style.


Your second most important accessory – your car

I believe there are two important aspects of your car – safety and style!

Lets talk about safety first.

Take your right hand and open your fingers. Look at the palm from the wrist to the tip of your fingers. That is the approximate contact area of each of your tires to the road.  And the operative question is, how good do you want that contact to be?

Women splurge on fashion all the time. We should splurge on tires too!


The Z Philosophy spins Rilli around Toronto

Last October, The Z Philosophy presented an exclusive holiday “Kimkhawb” pret collection to the Toronto fashionistas!

The Kimkhawb collection is adorned with “Rilli.”  Rilli is the traditional art of patchwork in Pakistan.  The featured collection showcases patchwork in matt gold and silver hues.  Every piece speaks of richness in fabrics used, is a work of art, crafted with attention to detail, has design originality, and it’s in a league of its own. The collection is conceived and crafted at the fashion house of KAAM.

KAAM takes its inspiration from the rural villages of Pakistan to learn the traditional artwork of Rilli. The KAAM team uses design intervention techniques to blend the original crafts of Pakistan with the ideals of the western fashion.

So picturesque!

Last month, I was in Chicago. Initially, I was staying at a luxury chain hotel very close to the Magnificent Mile. One evening, I was invited at this place for dinner. The next thing I know is that, I checked out of my hotel and checked into this uber cool boutique hotel called, The PUBLIC Chicago!

From the lobby, to the restaurant, to the lounge, to the room, to the staff, to the guests who graced PUBLIC…it was finger licking good!

Does Ian Schrager ring a bell? For those who know of Studio 54, Delano Hotel, Mondarin Hotel, and Gramercy Park Hotel to name a few will not be disappointed.

Check out:


Musical festival from Vienna!

Did you watch the concert from the Philharmanic Musikverein?  It’s an overwhelming experience in a form of a concert that takes place each year on new year’s day. It features the melodies of the Strauss Family pieces. Tonight, it was hosted by Julie Andrews. Simply awesome!