1. No plan is perfect without simple and measurable goals. So, this year I have 6 goals, including a ‘goal’ to ‘set goals.’ Goals aren’t achievable if you don’t exert mild pressure on yourself. My goals this year are about changing my habit! And, that takes time. So, I am giving myself at least six months to turn a new leaf!

2. Eat to simply stay fit and not eat to fit into my oversized clothes. No more shopping for new styles, wearing each outfit at least once, and recycling my over sized closet at the end of this period.

3. There is nothing more soothing to the senses than starting work on an organized desk each morning. No more adding clutter to desk, closet, and life.

4. I love being wrapped around wonderful literature. Read at least one book during my down time each month, and share excitement with a friend.

5. I will continue seeking knowledge of the classical maestro. Nurture music into my life, and listen to all the lovely music my dear friend gifted me last year.

6. Now that I know what the fuss is all about, I want to take up the challenge of being a great blogger myself. At least one blog each month!

Welcome, 2013.

Keeping the new year’s resolution!

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