Neckline cheat sheet

I always need that reminder.

Fridas Peach

Hi Peeps!

Everyone’s got all ten fingers attached to the hands?

I hope you had a fantastic night, kissed a loved one at midnight and drank champagne 🙂
I had a great night though I’m not into all those BOOMs and BANGs – fireworks literally bores andscares me!!

But I’m into glitter and champagne and we had a lot of that 😉

Oh, have a look at this neckline cheat sheet I found the other day:



It’s a great guide but don’t take it too literally regarding to what kind of necklace to wear with what top. I personally think that the necklace in No. 9 would look fab with the turtle neck in No. 8 too.

But if you’re having trouble identifying tops and their names, this is a nicely designed guide.

Godnat, goodnight, buenas noches, gute nacht,
bonne nuit, dobranoc, buonanotte and so on 😉


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