Would you not want to work here every day?

This is the newly transformed global headquarters of the famous Jo Malone London – the bespoke luxury fragrance maker – now located in London’s West End.

If I worked for her, my senses would be inspired and I would definitely be going into work every day.

Thank you, Jo Malone!

Photo credits, Lonny Mag

Ritz, glitz, et all

‘There is something about Paris,’ says a wonderful friend of mine.

‘There is something bigger, there is something about Ritz Paris,’ I responded.

Its etched in my memory.

As you may very well know that the legendary hotel has finally closed its doors in August 2012 – don’t worry it’s not forever – but for renovations!

The glamour, lifestyle, run-ins with celebrities, royalty treatment, the 2-start Michelin restaurant L’Espande, the House of Chanel across the street, Place Vendome, the walk to the prestigious Faubourg-St. Honore, are some of the many reasons I am anxiously waiting for Ritz to open its doors again.

Sharing with you the photo spread Vogue Paris featured a while ago…so those who missed it, check out the treat below!

I have explored the charismatic city’s glamour and gourmet all on my own. The city has so much to fill your desire, you just need to know where to look for it. I bet it will leave you mesmerized!

Travel tip: vacation in Paris should be solo!

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Photo credit – Vogue

“The Bag” to dump your husband for!

Alright friends, its out!

Break your savings, mortgage your house, divorce your husbands if you must – do what you can but get the most-awaited bag!

It’s the Dolce & Gabana’s MOSAIC collection for 2014.

dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-sequined-dolce-bag dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-saint-agata-agata-bag dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-mosaic-tapestry-clutch-bag dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-mosaic-dolce-clutch-bag dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-lion-mosaic-agata dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-filigree-small-sicily dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-filigree-mini-sicily dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-dolce-bag-mosaic dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-cameo-and-beads-sicily dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-agata-mosaics dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-mosaic-women-collection-the-handbags-sicily-mosaic

Photo credit, Dolce & Gabana